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Trick Review: Psnype by Kevin Parker

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Trick Review: Psnype by Kevin Parker
With a personal computer and a camcorder, almost anyone can film and publish an instructional magic DVD. As such, “Psnype” is a home grown DVD that explains a single effect. On a conventional instructional magic DVD that costs about the same, this effect would probably be one of several in a collection.

In the Cards

The spectator is given a deck of cards. The magician turns his back and tells him to cut the deck to any card and peek at it. After the spectator peeks at a card, the magician tells him the card he peeked at without asking any questions ("fishing") or touching the deck. The effect uses normal cards.

The secret to this effect is well known to anyone who has studied card effects and mentalism. It’s mentioned in numerous card books, including the Black Tiger Black Book, which we reviewed sometime back. Kevin Parker has created a variation on the basic handling that allows a spectator to stand a distance away.


On the plus side, the trick can be baffling to lay spectators. Interestingly, Parker offers his variation on the secret that is not an improvement to the standard method. One could attribute the modification to personal preference, but I see no reason for the change other than the fact that Parker can call it his own and not rely on the standard method.

For $25, Psnype is rather over-priced. I wouldn’t be so harsh if this one cost say $10 or $15. But card workers will be disappointed with the effect as they undoubtedly already know the secret. On the other hand, Parker has adapted the method to work in stand-up situations, which has its merits. This one is easy and can be performed by beginners.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $25

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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