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Review: The Royal Scam - John Bannon

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Review: The Royal Scam - John Bannon
A great packet card effect, John Bannon’s The Royal Scam offers two powerful phases and leaves you clean at the end. If you're adept with basic card sleights, you have the skills to perform this winner.


You bring out several cards and show them to all be ace of spades with the same back design, and then lay some onto the table. You add a face up card to the pack that you’re holding in your hand and the cards all turn face-up. And likewise, you add a face-down card to the pack that you’re holding and the cards all turn face down.

After laying down several aces, you show their backs and spectators discover that they have four different back designs. And then, the remaining aces with the initial back design are turned over to reveal a complete royal flush in spades.

Video and Written Instructions

The DVD does a first rate job of demonstrating and explaining the trick and there’s an e-book on the disc that provides written instructions that you can refer to. The effect also comes with the cards that you need to perform it. The DVD offers a bonus trick, a fun find-a-card trick where it appears that you have lost the spectator’s card but can still find it.

Fun Inc’s The Royal Scam is very strong. Plot-wise, I like the two-phase ending that starts with the aces showing different backs, which is thrilling in itself, and then is followed by the complete royal flush, which is a jaw dropper. Reset is fast as you can arrange the cards as you put them away. At the end of the effect, you’re clean and spectators can freely examine the cards.

Making it Count

The trick is not difficult to perform, but you’ll need to be able to perform Hamman and Elmsley counts. This one requires a table so you can lay down the cards. As with most packet tricks, this effect has a specific sequence that you’ll have to memorize. But with some study and practice, you’ll have a great card effect.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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