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DVD Review: Official Poker Flourishes DVD-Vol 1

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DVD Review: Official Poker Flourishes DVD-Vol 1

On this DVD, Rich Ferguson offers excellent instruction to teach basic card flourishes that include: springs, fans, waterfalls and spreads. Beginning magicians can learn a lot here. And the flashy moves will add visual interest to their card sets.

As often seen in the movies, Ferguson teaches the ribbon spread that allows a performer to spread a deck of cards across a table and then turn over the cards in a spectacular way. Further lessons cover dribbling, card springing and waterfalls, which allow a performer to transfer cards from one hand to the other. The greater the distance, the more visual the move. Ferguson also reviews the basics of card fans: thumb, pressure, S-Fan and Giant fan. Master these moves, and you’ll have a solid set of flourishes for your act.

Ferguson offers detailed explanation that makes good use of camera angles and close-ups. The quality of the video is first rate as is the audio. My only complaint is that when Ferguson explains the Giant Fan, a flashy two-tiered fan, he doesn’t explain the setup, the faro shuffle. He simply refers to his other DVD, The Official Poker Shuffles & Cuts DVD-Volume 1, for the work on the faro. He should have repeated the explanation here.

Schools of Thought

In magic, there are two schools of thought regarding card flourishes. One says that there is little place for flourishes because all of the card handling should look natural to spectators. After all, if a magician can perform fancy flourishes, can’t he control a card and perform other feats? The effects are not magic, but simply skill with cards.

The second school allows for the use of flourishes to dress up a routine. I personally subscribe to the second school. I find that the flourishes that I often display in my close-up sets and stage act are great for grabbing the attention of spectators and to establish my presence as a performer.

In The Official Poker Flourishes DVD-Volume 1, Rich Ferguson offers first rate instruction and a good set of flourishes that can serve any card magician well. Most experienced magicians will know these flourishes already, but beginning magicians will find lots to learn here. This one is well worth the money if you want to add some eye-candy to your card sets.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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