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DVD Review: Time and Space by Justin Miller

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DVD Review: Time and Space by Justin Miller
How about a card trick that alters time and space? Such is the premise in this excellent Justin Miller effect. It's something of a powerful card sandwich routine that's been combined with the merging of several cards into a souvenir that spectators can take with them. It's got the Miller touch because it adds a significant kicker that occurs after spectators think that the effect is effectively over.

Fabric of Time & Space

You take a playing card from the deck and without showing it, set it off to the side face down. A spectator selects a card and signs its face. You take two jokers from the deck and sandwich the card that was earlier set aside. You place the signed and selected card in the middle of the deck and lose it in the deck. The magic is about to happen.

You deal through the cards in the deck and the spectator's signed card has vanished. With no funny moves and nothing in your hands, you slowly reveal the initial card that has been sandwiched between the jokers, and it is the spectator's signed card. This is a stunning revelation as you haven't been near the cards. But Miller isn't done yet.

The two jokers and signed card are placed into the spectator's hand and all three cards fuse together into a single card. One side shows two overlapping jokers and the other is the signed card. The spectator gets to take this home as a souvenir.

No Doc Brown

As the ads state, there's no palming, funny moves or rough and smooth. There is a move in the second phase that takes a lot of misdirection and will probably make novices nervous. Those with basic card sleight-of-hand skills will be able to do this one. The effect is structured so you will probably want to dedicate a deck to the effect.

There is some preparation that is necessary each time you perform this trick. But you can streamline the reset with some work ahead of time. I find this one to be more practical for formal close-up shows than for strolling situations.

Back to the Future

"Time and Space" comes with only five gimmicks that only allow you to perform the trick five times. It would have been nice to receive consistent gimmicks that don't require you to setup the deck to accommodate different ones. When you run out, Miller sells 20 replacement gimmicks for $25 on his website.

This one features two stunning phases and gives spectators a souvenir. It's a baffler and a crowd pleaser.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $30

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