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DVD Review: Heiny 500 by Karl Hein

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DVD Review: Heiny 500 by Karl Hein
If you could really perform real magic, it would look like that in Heiny 500. You count and hold five one dollar bills in your hands and then simply fold them in half. Right in front of spectators' eyes, the ones have turned into $100 bills, which you show and count. Fold the bills again and they turn back into one dollar bills.

Fast Change

The effect is a fast one based on a Patrick Page effect and gimmick. Karl Hein has adapted the gimmick and his brilliant handling creates a flawless and convincing effect. It's the best of the bill changing effects that I’ve seen, which includes Gregory Wilson's "Hundy 500," which I never thought could be topped.

On the DVD, Hein offers thorough explanations and teaches you everything that you need to know. The moves aren't overly difficult to learn and perform, but you will have to practice it until it's second nature (as you do with any trick).

Money Problems

As much as I like this effect, I'm still not inclined to perform it. I find that when I’m performing with money, I typically run into problems with spectators who want to grab the bills. And with $500 dollars in my hands, I'm not sure that this is worth the potential trouble.

But if you want to perform a convincing effect that will cause the jaws of spectators to drop, I can highly recommend Heiny 500.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $30

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 4 out of 5
Heiny 500, Member jazzbo57

OK, Yes this is a fine treatment of the Hundy 500 but there is not enough information here to make the proper gimmick. I had to buy them BOTH in ouder to do this trick!

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