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DVD Review: Impromptu Miracles of Bob Read "The Lost Footage"

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DVD Review: Impromptu Miracles of Bob Read
What a treat to discover this DVD that features the work of Bob Read, a funny and commercial magic entertainer. The theme, "impromptu," is apparent in the powerful and entertaining routines, many of which can be performed with borrowed props.

I particularly liked the bottle production and glass transposition effects and Read takes the time to thoroughly explain each effect so you have all the tools to adapt them to your personality and act and perform them.

Bottle Production

Read offers two different lead-ins to a stunning bottle production: a haunted hank and a coin production routine with a silk. Read's knife through coat is a visual crowd pleaser, as is his version of Gypsy thread . Another excellent routine is Read's Transpo Tumbler, a gambling style effect where a ball of paper can be found under a tumbler that's covered in newspaper or a hat. At the end, it's the glass that mysteriously travels - a surprising and jaw-dropping conclusion.

Rounding out the mix is a four-phase coins to glass routine. The DVD also features performances but no explanations of Read's linking rings , card to wallet , torn and restored newspaper, professor's nightmare and watch steal.

Great Explanations

The explanations are thorough and in-depth and there's seemingly no stone that's left unturned. Some of the effects, such as the bottle production, get three different explanations and Read even discusses where you need to shift your body weight before performing key moves.

This DVD is full of commercial material with lots of possibilities, and the explanations are from a master who knows what he is talking about and seemingly shares everything that you need to know. This one is really good.

-Waye N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $34.95

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