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DVD Review: Reflections by Yigal Mesika & Finn Jon

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DVD Review: Reflections by Yigal Mesika & Finn Jon
If you want to perform animations and levitations with thread, Yigal Mesika and Finn Jon are two experts that you want to learn from. The title of this DVD, "Reflections," is a play on two aspects: 1) A discussion by two experts who talk about working with thread and 2) instructions on how to reduce the reflections that sometimes occur and expose the secret to audiences.

This DVD has some useful information and intriguing effects, but it should have probably been sold with Mesika's Loops DVD set.

Under a Different Light

The core of this DVD offers discussions on how to perform with thread under different lighting conditions and there’s some first rate information that’s offered here. Interspersed between the conversations are demonstrations and explanations of effects.

An effect that was demonstrated on the first disc of the “Loops” DVD set and not explained there, Jon teaches his Jumping Cigarette. Here a cigarette is laid down on the table and mysteriously jumps up on its own, tumbling through the air. After the “jump,” spectators can immediately pick up the cigarette and examine it.

Float On

Jon explains his One-hand Floating Bill where he causes a bill to seemingly balance itself in a mysterious way and then momentarily float in air. Because of the setup, spectators will probably direct their attention to the wrong spot, which helps to mask the secret.

It’s probably unfair to refer to “Spinning Bulb” as an effect that’s taught on this DVD. While there are some great ideas, Jon appears to come up with this effect on the spot to explain a few key points. From what I can tell, it’s not an effect from his repertoire that he is tipping on this DVD.

Back At Ya

Boomerang Card is Mesika’s spinning and floating playing card that he has sold for some time. There are several variations of this effect out there that are being sold, massacred and exposed on a wide basis at magic kiosks in malls and amusement parks.

This one is so well known that I think it’s difficult for serious magicians to perform it. I’ve seen magic kiosks where this effect was ineptly performed and the demonstrator ended with a card mysteriously dangling still from his fingers, exposing the secret to all.

In the Secret Loop Move,.Mesika explains his “get ready” move that is effective and surreptitious. This one is good.

"Loops" Versus "Reflections"

The DVD is informative, although it’s not as satisfying as the second disc in Mesika and Jon’s “Loops” DVD set. I take issue with the fact that this DVD is sold separately from the “Loops” DVD set as it’s logical for them to be sold together for many reasons.

There’s an effect that is demonstrated on the “Loops” DVD set but only explained on the “Reflections” DVD. The bigger problem lies in the fact that if this DVD explains how to reduce reflection problems, wouldn’t all users who purchase the Loops DVD set be interested in this information as well? Fifty bucks is expensive for a single DVD.

While Mesika is free to price his DVDs at whatever figure he thinks the market can bear and many will probably feel that the information they receive is well worth the price, I can’t help but feel that this DVD is overpriced.

If all three discs were sold in a single DVD set for $99 and with the loop-carrying gimmick, I would recommend them with no reservations. When one considers all of the loops that Mesika can sell as a result of this DVD, it seems as if he could offer it at lower prices.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $50

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