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Review: Pop Card by Steven and Michael Pignataro

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Review: Pop Card by Steven and Michael Pignataro
The motivation to perform ever-more impossible "card to impossible location" drives us this effect. As the name implies, In Pop Card, you produce a spectator’s signed card from inside of a gooey Pop-Tart.

If you have always dreamed about pulling a spectator"s card from a Pop-Tart (probably not), or just like to eat Pop-Tarts and can use another reason to eat them, check this one out. Me, I’ll be sticking with card to wallet.

Pop the Question

You ask a spectator to freely select a card from a deck and sign their name on it. The card is lost in the deck and vanishes from it. After several attempts to find the card, you give up and offer Pop-Tarts as gifts. As you bit into your Pop-Tart, you find that there’s more than sticky, oozy pseudo fruit filling. You break and pull pieces of Pop-Tart away to reveal the signed card that’s covered with jam.

This one has a definite surprise factor as audiences would never suspect that their card would end up inside of a Pop-Tart. Skill-wise, the effect takes the same sleight-of-hand skills that are necessary to perform standard card-to-wallet, including a move that often makes beginners nervous.

Considerable Load

This DVD is a lot more about preparing and using a Pop-Tart than it is about sleight-of-hand. There’s some preparation to the Pop-Tart ahead of time and the load isn’t smooth and fast. You'll need a flat surface and it takes a few seconds to load the card using both hands.

The ads state that Pop-Card is "perfect for stage magicians, street magicians, restaurant workers and strolling magicians." Perhaps this can work on stage, but I wouldn't want to create a mess with the Pop-Tarts in most strolling and restaurant situations. It's just what you would imagine. You break off pieces of Pop-Tart to reveal the signed card, and the card itself is covered in sticky fruit filling.

Ready for Your Pop-Tart?

This one can be good. It will be interesting to see which television magician, Criss Angel, Cyril, or any other makes it first to television with this one. I can see the magician walking through the market and saying, “hey, lets do something cool.”

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $19.99

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