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Zombie Ball (World's Greatest Magic)

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Zombie Ball (World's Greatest Magic)
With few exceptions, most of the instructional magic DVDs on the market offer effects from a single, well known performer. As a result, a single DVD can present effects that range from close-up miracles to stage tricks.

But when you’re researching a particular effect, say, Zombie Ball, you don’t want to have to cull information from a variety of sources. You want it all in one place.

This is why “The Secrets of Zombie Ball: World’s Greatest Magic” is such a fantastic resource. You get advice on a single effect, Zombie Ball, from a variety of artists who lend their suggestions, techniques and even routines. Even better, the segments were compiled from the artists’ prior DVDs. If you want to focus on Zombie, you don’t have to purchase three DVDs, but only one.

Al Schneider

Al Schneider offers the best of the segments as he explains his popular and powerful Zombie routine as well as his flawless technique and approach to the prop. I have to admit that I’m partial to Schneider because my Zombie routine is based on his, which I learned from his book.

Had this DVD been available at the time I was building my Zombie routine, I would have developed better technique. While I did my best to follow the instructions in Schneider’s book, there are some things that are better seen than read. It’s a true pleasure to watch Schneider in action with the prop. His Zombie has a seeming mind of its own.

McBride and Wonder

Jeff McBride’s section offers important advice on performing Zombie as well as a variety of moves. Anyone who is working with Zombie will find some excellent ideas here. In particular, there were some fascinating moves where the ball appeared from various places-seemingly moving around McBride. Of course, McBride’s mastery of mime and body language are a natural for Zombie moves.

Finally, Tommy Wonder offers some modifications to the gimmick and intriguing moves and ideas. Together, this DVD is an outright reference on the popular trick.

I recommend this one. At $19.95, it’s a great value for those who are serious about learning and performing Zombie Ball.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $19.95

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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