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Review: Manipulation CDs Box Set

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Review: Manipulation CDs Box Set
Manipulation CDs are props that look much like real CDs, the kind that you stick into your computer to burn, but are specifically designed for magic and manipulation. You can’t burn any data or music onto these CDs.

Thinner Than CDs

While manipulation CDs are the same diameter as standard CDs, they are half as thick. The top looks like a real reflective CD while the bottom is painted a flat black so when the CD is held in a Tenkai palm, it blends into your dark clothing and effectively disappears. The hole in the manipulation CD is also larger than that of a real CD so you can easily apply a Tenkai palm by using your thumb.

Because I’ve worked with jumbo coins, I found that I could readily palm the manipulation CD with no hesitation. And a couple of other magicians that I consulted had equal success with the discs.


The manipulation CDs are more flexible than standard CDs. I found that this helped when palming and producing multiple CDs from a Tenkai palm. With the exception of the black back and the large holes, the CDs look just like real ones. In fact, I almost inadvertently put a manipulation CD into my PC’s CD drive by accident.

I practiced with the CDs for some time. While the silver, reflective surface did get scratched over time, it continued to look good from a distance. These CDs should be quite durable and with their reflective nature, look great under stage lights.

CDs Versus Coins

Compared against jumbo coins, the CDs are bigger. By inserting the thumb into the extra large hole in the disc’s center, you can effectively hold a CD in a Tenkai palm that’s much larger than a jumbo coin. As you would expect, the larger CD shows up better at a distance, is far lighter than a bulky jumbo coin and thinner. You can probably stack three manipulation CDs in the space of a single jumbo coin.

When working with jumbo coins, my ability to hold and manipulate them often comes down to the condition of my skin (cold, sweaty, oily...) at the time. But CDs are more forgiving and can be more securely palmed when one’s skin is in almost any condition.

Magic-Anywhere sells an accompanying instructional DVD, “Laser Anywhere Volume 1 by Adrian Man,” that teaches CD manipulations techniques. I’ll review this one soon. Meanwhile, if you want to get into CD manipulation, the “Manipulation CD Box Set” is a worthy purchase.

Wayne N. Kawamoto

The Manipulation CD Box set comes with 15 CDs. MSRP (US): $45

Magic-Anywhere also sells a Deluxe set that comes with 30 CDs. MSRP (US): $75

To watch a video, click here.

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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