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DVD Review: Criss Angel Self Levitation

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DVD Review: Criss Angel Self Levitation

If you want to learn and perform an excellent self-levitation, one that allows you to lift your feet in the air while standing almost anywhere, Criss Angel teaches one of the many techniques that he performed in his MINDFREAK television series. The levitation explained on Criss Angel Masterminds-Self Levitation is practical and convincing and the DVD is only the start. After spending $100 on this DVD, you’ll spend another $125-$300 building your gimmick. But if the technique suits your performance needs, it’s worth it.

A highlight in MINDFREAK’s first season was the levitation episode where Angel presented several illusions that allowed him to seemingly defy gravity. The self-levitation explained on this DVD is the one that allowed Angel to lift himself from the floor onto a chair and side of a planter, and levitate on an escalator and in the middle of a street.

Flying High

The levitation is brilliant and convincing. When the end result is compared against a traditional Balducci, Angel’s levitation, which is based on a Jacob Spinney concept, has fewer angle problems. Unlike the Balducci, however, the levitation relies on a clever gimmick that you have to build and wear.

The levitation works best when it’s performed for a small group of people, say, up to ten some ten feet away. You won’t be able to have spectators at your sides, but the levitation is far more forgiving than the Balducci method, which is generally an angle nightmare.

Just as Angel did on his show, you can walk around and levitate yourself up onto a box, chair, step or curb, or, levitate on almost any flat surface. On a flat surface, as Angel did, you’ll be able to lift up a few inches off the ground. And after you’re finished with your levitation, you can walk away. Everything necessary to perform the illusion is on your body.

Another consideration, you probably can’t wear the gimmick during a show-it will likely be noticed by spectators. As a result, the gimmick and technique is best used in situations where you’re only performing the levitation. With the proper clothing, which Angel discusses, the gimmick can be barely noticeable to those who aren’t looking for it.

Rising to the Top

Building the gimmick involves not only basic mechanical skills (drilling, gluing, cutting and more), but tailoring skills. In fact, you have to sew an entire pair of special pants. While you can modify an existing pair, it’s probably just as much work. Most magicians will likely end-up hiring a professional seamstress to do the sewing for them.

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