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Trick Review: Money Bag-Anton Corradin

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Trick Review: Money Bag-Anton Corradin
A magician holds a black piece of cloth and puts some coins inside it, which fall right through. The magician shows the cloth to be an empty tube by placing his forearms and hands through it and twisting the tube, similar to the manner in which a magician shows an empty dove bag.

After a shake, a printed picture of a coin appears on the bag, and then, a jumbo 7-inch (17 cm) half-dollar coin falls out. The magician turns the bag over and shows a picture of a bill. When the bag is opened, a wad of paper currency appears.

Offbeat Money Effect

The trick includes the specially constructed money bag, the wads of paper currency, the giant, lightweight aluminum coin and an instructional DVD. The props are well made and durable. This one can be done while surrounded and is easy to learn and perform and requires no sleight of hand or palming. There’s also a DVD that offers adequate instruction to get you up and running.

I found this one offbeat and rather odd. The bag with it’s money sign takes on the appearance of a money bag that a robber in a cartoon would carry. While the effect does work in two phases and offers two surprise productions, I’m not sure that average spectators are fooled into thinking “where did that come from?” But perhaps I’m thinking too much like a magician and not a lay spectator.

Big Money

The jumbo coin, being made of aluminum is lightweight and doesn’t weigh as much as a typical jumbo coin. This coin lacks relief detail. While it may be tempting to purchase the trick for the jumbo coin, it’s not that great for close-up work. If you want a jumbo coin that looks like a giant version of a real one and has heft, you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars.

This routine could fit at the end of a money trick or miser’s dream sequence. Personally, I find this one a tad cheesy-something more for a children’s performer. Perhaps the best way to see if the effect may fit in your show is to watch the video (click here to view the video).

Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $90

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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