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Trick Review: "Labelled" by Ben Williams

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Trick Review:
In this astounding effect, you show an unopened and sealed soda bottle and sign the label. You place your hand over the signed label and remove your hand, and spectators will find that the signed label is now inside of the bottle amidst the soda. The ads make lots of points that are generally true.
1. “Labelled does not have to stop at your signature. You can write whatever you like on the label, your contact details, website or even a prediction. It's limited only by your imagination.”

This is true. However, you’ll want to keep the words or names simple to keep the routine moving. It is slightly awkward to write on the label because of the shape of the bottle and the secret.

2. “Labelled is easy to do.”
Learning and performing the trick is very easy. William’s handling involves no sleight of hand or suspicious moves.

3. “You can leave the bottle with spectators as an amazing and impossible souvenir.”
From a magic standpoint, spectators can examine the bottle all that they want and they won’t find a thing. Once the effect is over, you’re clean and there’s plenty of misdirection when you’re performing the dirty work. To the spectators, they are given a sealed, never-opened bottle that has a signed label inside of it.

4. “Angle proof”
The angles are very good on this one, but you won’t want spectators standing behind you. An experienced performer, however, can deal with even this situation.

Reality Check

Too good to be true? Something not mentioned in the ads is the considerable preparation. Williams says that he can prepare a bottle in approximately 15-minutes, which he does in almost real time in the video. But Williams is experienced and practiced. Expect to spend at least an hour on your first bottle, if not more.

The gimmicked bottle can be reused if you don’t give it away. Williams explains a second version on the DVD that uses an empty bottle, which isn’t as powerful, but doesn’t require the extensive setup. Another thing, while you can give away the bottle, you wouldn’t want spectators to actually drink the soda in it.

Hidden Danger

While I like this effect, I’m uncomfortable with the fact that this DVD shows people how to defeat a soda manufacturer’s safety seal. In the wrong hands, this could have a considerable, even dangerous downside.

Parents, this effect is not for pre-teens as the preparation is quite involved and requires lots of care. Furthermore, this trick is not for those who may use the secret to create a potentially dangerous gag or worse.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $30

You can watch a video by clicking here .

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