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Trick Review: The Tim Card Poker Deal

Trick Review: The Tim Card Poker Deal

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Trick Review: The Tim Card Poker Deal

Tim Ellis delivers a winner with his Tim Card Poker Deal, a poker-style effect where the magician plays three hands of poker against a spectator and always loses the first two hands and wins the last. The spectator seemingly makes the choices. It’s an easy effect that is great for beginners, offers lots of opportunity to interact with spectators and is strong enough to work in a walk-around set.

In Tim Card Poker Deal, the magician challenges a spectator to three hands of poker. The magician brings out ten playing cards that will be dealt-five to each player. In the first hand, the spectator mixes the cards, deals them face down and wins. The second hand involves a version of stud poker where a hole card is dealt to each player face down, and then the spectator builds his hand from the remaining face up cards. Once again, the spectator wins.

The Money Hand

For the third hand, the magician says that he will win. This time, the spectator gets to build his hand by choosing the five cards that he wants from the ten face-up cards. As predicted, the magician wins.

The effect is based on the “Jonah” concept-whoever ends up with a certain card wins or loses. The trick comes with ten red Bicycle cards, one of which is gimmicked for the effect. The written explanations are thorough and clear and the effect is easy to learn and perform. It’s a good trick for beginners.

Experienced magicians can entertain with this one as well. The effect will fool the majority of audiences, but a few eagle-eyed card players, a small minority, may catch on.

Of course, there are lots of poker effects out there that let spectators make choices and lose. But Tim Card Poker Deal practically works itself and lets you focus on presentation. If you’ve been wanting to add a poker-style effect to your repertoire, this one is solid.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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