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Review: Echo by Wayne Dobson

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Review: Echo by Wayne Dobson
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An entertaining routine that is interactive, makes great use of a volunteer and is commercial and very funny, Wayne Dobson's Echo is a winner. This is a version of the "Teach A Card Trick" where a spectator is brought onto the stage and with coaching from the magician, performs a card trick.

Spectator Gets It Right

In the trick, the magician becomes the spectator and chooses a card, signs it and mixes back into the deck. At the end, the signed card is found in the spectator's pocket inside of a card case. And the spectator has no idea how it got there.

If you have ever seen Harry Anderson's "Card on Chair" that he performed on a television special, you get the idea. As the magician coaches the spectator, there are lots of funny moments where the spectator doesn't know what to do or does the wrong thing, and while parroting what the magician is telling him to say, creates hilarious byplay.

Brilliant and Commercial

This is a brilliant routine and the short book gives you all of the dialogue. To perform the trick, all you need is a deck of cards and a pen. The trick itself is not difficult to perform and there is no complicated sleight of hand.

This one is really good. It's another routine to add to my list of those to work up and perform.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $20

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