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Trick Review: Rainbow Ropes-The Remix by Daryl

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Trick Review: Rainbow Ropes-The Remix by Daryl
A visual and dazzling rope trick that is easy to perform and leaves you clean at the end, Daryl's Rainbow Ropes - The Remix is an excellent effect for stand-up or stage. The high quality ropes are thick and easy to handle and Daryl offers excellent written instructions as well as thorough explanations on the enclosed DVD. I also like the many potential themes that can work for this trick.

Rope No Dope

You show three different colored pieces of rope and openly tie them together and display them. After wrapping the ropes around your hands, you show that the knots have disappeared and the three ropes have fused together to create a single, three-colored “rainbow rope.” The final rope may be freely examined by spectators.

This trick is essentially a visual variation of “The Triple Rope Trick” that is explained in Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic. And while the secret is well known among magicians, you’ll find that the $20 that you spend for Daryl’s high quality ropes are well worth the money.

Roped In

The trick is not difficult to learn and perform and Daryl leaves no stoned unturned in his thorough written and video instructions. Daryl also offers strong variations that give you plenty of options. This trick is another winner in Daryl’s line of Fooler Doolers.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $20

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