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Review: Criss Angel Mindfreak Season Four

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Review: Criss Angel Mindfreak Season Four
It's hard to imagine that there's anything left for Criss Angel to do in his weekly half-hour series, Mindfreak. While Angel is taking lots of heat these days for his unimpressive Las Vegas show, Believe, his fourth season of Mindfreak is quite entertaining.

Big Stunts

After three seasons, Angel has got the half-hour format down pat. There's a big stunt at the show’s end that's touted throughout. And leading up to big event, there are various tricks that Angel performs for different crowds, usually at the Luxor. Angel and his team of magic advisors that include Joe Monti, Doug Malloy and Mark Cannon are up to the task.

Some highlights from his fourth season include: walking on water, this time, it's Nevada’s Lake Mead; escaping from a building before it implodes; getting hit by an SUV and making a spectacular reappearance; walking through a door, one body part at a time; removing the middle section of a woman who is standing in a hotel room and lots more.

In one episode, Angel pulls a stunt made famous by England's Paul Daniels. Angel is supposed to escape before sure destruction and doesn’t appear to make it. And the show simply ends.

TV Magic?

Of course, Angel takes lots of heat from magicians because of the effects that he performs for the camera. While this may be the case for some effects, particularly the big ones, who's to say what pre-show work may have been involved in some of the effects? If it's pre-show work that Angel employs, he could perform these effects in live situations. There are also many tricks that he performs in the show, which I know can be done impromptu.

As I mention in my article, "What Makes Great TV Magic?" I think that Angel’s magic generally fits my criteria.

If you're open to Criss Angel, I think you'll enjoy his fourth season of MindFreak. I did. Now if he can only salvage "Believe."

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