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Is Blaine’s Greatest Illusion Fooling the Public?


Escape artist and magician Curtis Eugene Lovell II wants to prove that David Blaine’s greatest illusion is fooling the public. In a recent announcement, Lovell criticized Blaine for his “lackluster performances” and challenged him to a duel to “test his skill and entertainment value.”

The setup would be simple. Each escape artist performs a dangerous stunt in front of a live audience on national television. After each performance, viewers get to choose the routine that was more entertaining and stunning.

Master of Deceipt
“Blaine’s mastery is only his ability to manipulate the public into believing he is attempting dangerous escapes when in reality, he is performing beginner level-type stunts,” says Lovell. He has not attempted any sort of stunt that is complex and that others can’t perform. He plays the death-card scenario to cause drama and attract attention, while making a mockery of the magic industry. Blaine has tricked the public into believing he is one of the greatest illusionist of all time and I want to prove to the public that he is a fake.”

According to Lovell, since Blaine’s last stunt, in which he attempted to hold his breath underwater for nine minutes, his reputation as a master of illusions has started to falter. And over the last several years, other illusionists from around the world have also questioned his so-called stunts as well as his fondness for commercialism.

No Houdini
"Houdini built his reputation on performing death-defying escapes and magic tricks by pushing the envelope,” said Lovell. “Blaine is not pushing the envelope, instead, he takes simple stunts and calls them dangerous challenges in order to push his public image. Houdini would be very unimpressed and disappointed as a master escape artist."

To present the challenge, Lovell contacted Blaine last week through a certified letter. Lovell said he welcomes Blaine to take him on anytime and anywhere. To promote the event, Lovell has a Myspace page.

Lovell’s stunts have had him lifted 50 feet in the air above buildings, chained to two steel plates and then submerged into oceans and rivers. His biggest spectacle is the “Cube of Death,” a stunt that he says lead to the demise of the great Harry Houdini in 1926. Lovell can also be seen cutting and dicing the world’s most famous heiress, Paris Hilton, in her television reality show, The Simple Life. In addition, he recently released his first instructional magic DVD, “Poof! You are a Magician.”

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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