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Review: The Journey by Lonnie Chevrie

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Review: The Journey by Lonnie Chevrie
"The Journey" offers Lonnie Chevrie's excellent take on coins across. In four phases, four coins mysteriously travel, one at a time, from one hand to the other. The final coin seemingly vanishes as you place it into a spectator's hand and reappears in your other hand. The routine is visual and commercial and Chevrie does a great job of mixing up the action.

Fun of "Funneled"

The second routine, "Funneled," is another strong angle on coins across. Here, the coins somehow pass through a funnel that is far too small to allow them through. The concept is visual and the absurd idea of passing coins through a tiny funnel offers intrinsic entertainment possibilities and themes. If you don't mind carrying around the tiny funnel, this is another commercial routine.

Both tricks are naturals for strolling and restaurant work. Angles are generous and reset occurs as you put the coins away - the tricks are ready to go at your next stop. You'll need to already have some fundamental coin skills to learn these, but they're not difficult routines that rely on complicated sleights. Also, the routines do require a table to hold the coins, but the magic occurs in your hands.

Lots of Angles

Chevrie provides clear and thorough instructions with different camera angles. As with Chevrie's other DVD, Spritz Switch, you get to see two different performances, one shot in a bar and the other in a studio. The only thing I would have liked in addition was a discussion on the types of coins to use and dealing with the noise of the coins ("talking").

If you don't already perform coins across, this one is definitely worth considering. MSRP: $20.00

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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