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Review: Noted by Richard James

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Review: Noted by Richard James
Noted offers a good variation on "pen through anything" where a pen passes through a dollar bill and doesn't leave a mark. However, in this case, the penetrating object is a rolled up dollar bill and not a pen.

Starring Role

You borrow two notes from spectators and both notes are signed. You roll up one note and then push the rolled note through the other bill. Spectators can clearly see that the rolled note extends through both sides. You quickly pull out the rolled note and then show spectators that both notes are completely normal and still have their signatures. The bills may be examined.

The included gimmick which makes this all happen is well made and the effect looks great. This one will take some practice to perform well. I question the need to sign the bills, but the task adds some important and timely misdirection.

Exchange Rates

The instructional DVD does a competent job of explaining and teaching the trick. I evaluated the version that works with American dollars, but you can purchase the with gimmicks in Euro and UK Pounds.

I generally like the effect, but can't help comparing it against "pen through anything." In "pen through anything," you puncture a dollar bill with a pen and then pull the pen through the bill. At the end, the bill is completely normal without a tear.


Of course, "pen through anything" has been sold at magic kiosks in tourist traps for some time and any experienced magician who performs it risks hearing "I want to buy one of those" from audiences who have already seen it. I have a feeling that many magicians may like "Noted" simply because it's not a pen and something the general public has probably not seen.

On the other hand, I think "pen through anything" offers a stronger bill restoration. When you use the pen, you can more display the penetration more cleanly and visually sweep the pen through the bill, as if tearing it. The effect is strengthened by the sound of the bill apparently ripping.

Getting Punchy

Something that "Noted" has that "pen through anything" doesn't is the initial penetration. When the pen punctures the bill, it is feasible. But when the rolled bill penetrates the other bill, it's not. While it's not as stunning as jamming your finger through a coin, ala Karate coin, it should still garner a reaction.

As you can tell, I have mixed feelings about this one. I recognize the strength of the penetration of the rolled dollar, but I think the pen is mightier than the rolled bill.

MSRP: $50.00

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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