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Review: Got A Light? by Matt Wayne

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Review: Got A Light? by Matt Wayne
Applying some technical wizardry to the old three-shell game, Matt Wayne's Got a Light? offers a "find the pea" routine with three clear shot glasses and three LEDs - one glass contains a green LED while the other two contain red ones. All the audience has to do is follow the green LED as the glasses are mixed. Of course, they always fail.

The New Shell Game

The routine is easy to learn and perform and great for beginners. The instructional DVD comes with the LED lights and a battery. All you have to do is provide your own shot glasses.

There are no angle issues or complicated moves and the trick is a visual one that is easy to see, particularly under darker lighting conditions. Because of the shot glasses, you'll want to probably perform this one on a close-up pad, or at least a surface that’s covered with a table cloth.

Light the Way?

While "Got a Light?" provides a fresh new approach to the classic shell game, I found the method to be extremely obvious. Because the method is so different, it wasn't my magician side that caught on, it was my technical background- I used to be an engineer - which immediately deduced the secret.

I not sure if lay audiences will be as apt to discern the secret on their own. But with the clear glasses and no fast moves, the type that are normally used to switch out peas in the classic shell game, I think that there's seemingly no other solution.

MSRP: (US) $35

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