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Review: Close Up Magic #2 (World's Greatest Magic)

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Review: Close Up Magic #2 (World's Greatest Magic)
L&L's "World's Greatest Magic" DVDs compile routines from the instructional videos of famous magicians and each title follows a theme. As the name implies, this DVD features close-up, non-playing card routines taught by well known performers such as Eugene Burger, Daryl, Banachek, J.J. Sanvert, Gregory Wilson and Doc Eason. This is the second in a set of three great titles.


Eugene Burger and David Parr teach "21st Century Bill Transposition," a version of U. F. Grant's classic bill transposition that was published in Tarbell. A spectator provides a bill and you provide another of a different denomination. The spectator holds both bills and you remove one and show it. In a flash, the bills have changed places.

The DVD provides a strong mentalism routine with Banachek's "Word of the Ring." This is a book test that relies on an unusual and intriguing method.

Mixing a couple of well known routines and applying a theme, in "Bill and Pen," J. J. Sanvert mysteriously removes the metallic thread that's found in a bill and then punches a pen through the bill and restores it. This routine relies on the usual gimmicks that you'll need to purchase from your magic dealer.

Foreign Flavor

I thoroughly liked Gregory Wilson's "Foreign Affair." By simply folding a one-dollar bill, you turn it into various currencies from around the world and ultimately into a one-hundred dollar bill. This one is based on method developed by Bill Goldman.

In "The Mystery of the Little Piece of Cork," Paul Wilson teaches a streamlined version of John Ramsay's classic "Cylinder and Coins." You show a tube and a tiny piece of cork. You produce four coins and then cause them to vanish. At the end, the coins are found in the cylinder.

A commercial routine that is a variation on "two in the hand, one in the pocket," Doc Eason's teaches his excellent "All Screwed Up." A series of nuts continually appear in your hand and then, one nut is replaced by a bolt. At the end, in your hand, the nuts are found to be screwed onto the bolt.

In "Cup and Ball," Daryl teaches an impromptu one-cup routine. A borrowed bill is crumpled and continually passes through and appears in a borrowed coffee cup. At the end, the inverted coffee cup contains a tomato and then a potato.

Unlike the other World's Greatest Magic DVDs that tend to focus on an area of magic, this close-up collection features a wide variety of effects. I like the mix and you can learn an entire close-up routine on this DVD.

MSRP: (US) $19.95

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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