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Review: Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum


Review: Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum
If you're looking for a mechanism to vanish a variety of non-gimmicked and common objects that can include borrowed coins, cell phones, bottle caps, credit cards and more, you may like the Gecko. In addition to vanishing objects, you can also use the Gecko to switch them with a bit of sleight of hand.

Grab Just About Anything

The Gecko is a sophisticated pull that has an uncanny ability to attach itself to a wide range of small, unprepared objects. There's no need to wear special clothing, although some work better than others. You can use this one wearing a shirt with short sleeves, but it's probably best with some type of jacket. The device is easy to install and wear and straight-forward to use, but it will require practice to perform well.

The Gecko package comes with two complete assemblies: a regular assembly and heavy-duty one for larger and heavier objects. The accompanying DVD features thorough and first rate instruction by Andy Amyx. You'll learn in detail how to vanish a coin and switch out a bottle cap and bill. Interestingly, there are vanishes in the demo that aren’t taught here. Most notably, that of a beer bottle.

Overall, I like the flexibility, design and function of the Gecko. It's a product that delivers (and vanishes).

MSRP: $65.75

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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