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Review: CoinFusion by Chris Stickland

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Something of a cross between "biting a coin" and "Karate Coin," CoinFusion offers an amazing effect where you appear to tear a borrowed coin in half into two pieces. The magic occurs through a well made gimmicked coin. This one looks great and is not difficult to learn and perform.

On a Tear

The accompanying DVD shows you two methods for ringing in the gimmick: an easy and advanced method. Neither is overly difficult. The illusion of tearing the coin, particularly in slow motion, is visual and quite convincing. At the end, you restore the coin.

The gimmick is a quality one that is well made. I have never encountered a gimmick such as this before, which is straight-forward, just about fail proof and easy to use. The gimmick is currently available as an American half dollar. Apparently, gimmicks based on other international coins will follow.

Tear, Bite or Karate?

Is this one stronger than a traditional "biting the coin" or "Karate coin"? I'm not convinced that it is clearly better, but I am intrigued with the cool new gimmick.

MSRP: $45.00

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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