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Review: Button Up by Etienne Pradier

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Review: Button Up by Etienne Pradier
Another "card to impossible place" effect, with "Button Up (MSRP: $35, Murphy's)," a spectator's selected card is found attached to your shirt button. At the end, you even rip off the card and give it away as a souvenir. This one can provide a great ending to a card set, but this one is for experienced magicians.

On the Button

The kit comes with gimmicks, including two different shirt buttons. To accommodate the buttons on your own shirts, you'll have to make a simple modification to an existing button. You'll also want the button to be an extra one that you don't need. Fortunately, many shirts come with extra buttons. There's no sewing or other complicated modifications, but there’s a second gimmick that pins to your shirt.

The effect is convincing and can make for a great conclusion to an ambitious card or other routine. While your shirt button can't be examined, after removing the card, by tearing it, you're basically clean.

Sleight of Hand

This trick is for experienced card handlers. You'll need to know how to control a card and lots more. This is not a beginner’s trick.

If you've been looking for a new ending to a signed card routine, this one may be tailored made.

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