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Review: Heartbreaker by Paul Gertner

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Review: Heartbreaker by Paul Gertner
Based on the concept that "you never forget your first secret crush," Paul Gertner's excellent "Heartbreaker" offers an involving, baffling and entertaining close-up card routine (for the record, I'm still a little taken with Marcia Brady).

Heart of the Matter

You draw a heart on the face of a playing card and ask a spectator for her initials. You write the initials in the top half of the heart. You take a second card and draw a broken heart - a heart with a line through the middle of it. On the bottom half of the second card, you write the initials of a spectator’s secret crush from long ago.

You ask the spectator to hold the first card that has her initials face down, and then display the second card with the initials of the secret crush. Then the magic happens. You magically remove the initials of the crush and throw it towards the spectator's card. When the spectator turns her card over, it has both her initials and those of the secret crush. You can give the card to the spectator as a souvenir.

Close-Up Connection

This is fantastic close-up magic that packs an emotional hook. While the trick is not difficult to learn and perform, you will need to perform fundamental card sleights that include a side steal.

On the accompanying DVD, Gertner offers thorough instructions and explains lots of nuances and subtleties. His handling, as always, is superb, well thought out and polished.

The Crush

The kit includes enough cards for 26 performances and you can purchase refills from Gertner. With some ingenuity, you can probably adapt cards to make your own refills.

I like this one and plan to perform it.

MSRP: (US) $30

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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