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Beginning Card Flourishes


Beginning Card Flourishes
A reader named Dan recently e-mailed me and asked if I could recommend some resources to learn card flourishes.

As a start, you should learn the one-handed cut, as well as pivot and swivel cuts that I teach here on the site. These cuts will form the foundation of your card flourishes.

My favorite resources for card flourishes are as follows:

Xtreme Beginnerz

This two-DVD set offers instruction by De'vo, Jerry Cestkowski and other pros and teaches a wide variety of card flourishes for beginners and intermediate performers. It's a virtual encyclopedia on flashy card moves.


On the advanced side, I'm a big fan of The Buck Twins. This three-disc set offers some six hours of flourishes, moves and fast card tricks. If you want lots of good, hard moves to master over a long time, this is the DVD set to purchase.

For those who prefer books, The Buck Twins also teach 14 of the moves, many from "Trilogy," in a well-illustrated book called "Sleightly Magicial," which I recommend.

Flourishes are somewhat controversial. Some magicians feel that flourishes detract from card magic because they display manipulative feats that indicate that a magician is skilled with cards and can cheat with cards.

But like many magicians, I like to perform some card flourishes to show spectators that my magic is a result of practice and skill, and not a trick deck. And I think that the flourishes that I perform enhance my ability to entertain with playing cards.

Thanks to reader Dan for taking the time to write.

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