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The Mene Tekel deck is a trick deck of cards that is configured in such a way that you can accomplish the following: 1) someone can freely select a card and place it into the middle of the deck and it immediately comes back to the top; 2) someone can freely select a card and you can immediately know its value; and 3) someone can freely select a card and you can immediately access a duplicate of the selected card. The Mene Tekel is also known as a “Self-Shifting Pack.”

The Mene Tekel is mainly an arrangement of cards and comes in different gimmicked forms. Depending on the effect, you can purchase Mene Tekel decks from a magic dealer or make your own. The Mene Tekel deck is easy to learn and handle and is great for beginners.

The best introduction to the Mene Tekel deck that I have seen comes in Nathan Kranzo’s “Mene Tekel Miracles.” Kranzo has come up with a comprehensive assortment of effects that may be performed with different types of Mene Tekel decks, all of which he explains. My favorites are the mentalism-style prediction routines. I have to admit that even though I understood the workings of the deck, Kranzo still fooled me with some of the tricks.

The kit comes with two Mene Tekel decks that allow you to perform a strong prediction effect and other variations. Briefly, a spectator can freely name a card and you display that card from a deck - we’ll say a blue-backed deck. You reach into your pocket and pull out an envelope and pull out a red-backed card that was a prediction and it matches.

There are also strong tricks that may be performed with a normal deck of cards that take advantage of the Mene Tekel arrangement (red kings, black kings, red tens, black tens...etc). Admittedly, the video leaves lots to be desired - this may be one of the few titles that features self-shot and shaky hand-held video - but it’s the most comprehensive and insightful treatment of the topic that I’ve come across. I highly recommend it to beginners and advanced card workers.

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