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Magician David Copperfield


Magician David Copperfield
The best known and richest magician-he ranks among the wealthiest of all entertainers-David Copperfield is a household name. He is known to millions through his numerous television specials over the last couple of decades and he continues to tour, taking his show around the country. You can read my review of his show here.

Takes to Magic:

Copperfield was born in New Jersey on September 16, 1956. He started as a ventriloquist and then quickly took to magic. Copperfield became the youngest magician admitted to the Society of American Magicians (SAM). At age 16, he taught a magic course at New York University. When he was 18, Copperfield was cast as the lead in a Chicago production called "The Magic Man."

Network Magic Specials:

His many magic specials have aired on network television over the past two decades, bringing his brand of illusion and magic to millions. Copperfield not only performs with large illusions, his shows typically feature a major magical feat.

Big Scale Magic:

Copperfield's many effects include: making a Lear Jet vanish; causing the Statue of Liberty to disappear and reappear; escaping from a locked cell on Alcatraz; passing through the Great Wall of China; vanishing a train car; flying on stage; escaping from a burning raft before it plunged over Niagra Falls; challenging the Bermuda Triangle and many more.

Magic Collector:

Copperfield has one of the largest collections of magic-related props, books and items of historical interest in the world. This collection is housed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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