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Profile of Steve Cohen, "Millionaires' Magician"


Profile of Steve Cohen,

Steve Cohen performs his signature "Think a Drink."

Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen, "the Millionaires' Magician," regularly presents his critically acclaimed evening of magic and mind reading at New York's exclusive Waldorf Towers. In his show, "Chamber Magic," Cohen recreates the intimacy of 19th century parlor magic by performing in the close quarters of a luxurious, private suite. The show has been running since 2000 and each presentation is limited to 50 guests. Cohen also performs his more intimate "Miracles at Midnight" show, which is limited to twenty guests and also takes place at the Waldorf Towers.

The show's title was inspired by the term “chamber music,” an intimate form of classical music typically performed in small venues. The show itself was strongly influenced by the legendary Viennese magician Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser (1806-1875), the father of parlor magic, who entertained elite audiences of invited guests. Cohen also performs private events for royalty, the ultra-rich and Hollywood stars.

Chamber Magic shows are held five times weekly at the Waldorf Towers and have been presented at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (Los Angeles), The Drake Hotel (Chicago), The Beau Rivage (Geneva), The Langham Hilton (London), the Ritz Carlton San Francisco, and in a Russian palace in Moscow.

In 2012, Cohen performed his one-man show "Theater of Wonder" at Carnegie Hall and starred in his own television special that aired on the History Channel.

A Magical Life
As a boy, Cohen was fascinated by magic performed by his uncle, who had once met Houdini. Cohen earned a degree in psychology from Cornell University and spent a year abroad studying at Waseda University in Tokyo. He has native-level proficiency in Japanese and worked as an interpreter for the Japanese government.

Cohen is the author of “Win the Crowd” (HarperCollins Publishers, 2005), a guide to persuading, influencing and charming others so you can ultimately accomplish the things you've always wanted to do. Steve Cohen holds the esteemed rank of MIMC (Member of the Inner Magic Circle) with Gold Star, awarded by The Magic Circle in London.

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