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Best Magic Gifts for Magicians


If you're shopping for a magician, here are some suggestions for great gifts that would be well appreciated. And if you are a magician, these are worthy items for your wish list.

1. Specialty Playing Cards

All magicians love playing cards and here's a list of cool themed cards. These are sure to please and best of all, most of these can be purchased for under ten dollars.

2. Beginning Magic Sets

Shopping for a beginner? Ask any magician and he or she will tell you that they had a magic set at one time. The magic set may have been the start of an entire magic career. You can read my reviews of beginning magic sets and find the perfect one for your budding magician.

3. Magic Books and DVDs for Beginners

Again, for those starting out in magic, here are beginning books and DVDs on magic that I recommend.

4. Houdini Calendar

For Houdini fans, here's a calendar (11" by 12") that features the famous escape artist - one picture for each month of the year. It also comes with a reprint of a souvenir program from Houdini's final performance. The $14.99 calendar is available from Houdini's Magic Shop.

5. Magic Books

Got an experienced magician that you're buying for? Here are the best books that I have reviewed that teach advanced techniques as well as offer advice on becoming strong entertainers and performers.

6. Street Magic

Know someone who's interested in the latest cons and street magic? Here are some suggestions.

7. Poker Magic Tricks

Poker magic tricks are a genre of their own. Know someone who would like to show off some cool card flourishes or deal themselves a royal flush? Or how about learning the techniques of gambling cheats? Here are magic tricks and products that are related to the game of Poker.

8. Las Vegas Magic Shows

If there is anything that magicians love more than learning magic, it's watching great magic. If you know someone who will be in Las Vegas, they would appreciate a ticket to the hottest magic shows in Sin City.

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