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Review: Food Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club

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Review: Food Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club
As the name implies,"Food Magic Kit" offers a series of tricks with food. The tricks are good and I’m pleased to see that the effects use fake and not real food. This is one of ten "Ultimate Magic Club" titles marketed by Scholastic.

Reasonable Price

Scholastic's Ultimate Magic Club magic sets are designed for kids between the ages of seven and 12. At a reasonable price of ten dollars and with a good mix of tricks, as well as a detailed and colorful instruction book and a DVD that shows performances of all the tricks, this is a first rate magic set.

In Egg Bag, you make an egg vanish and reappear in a mesh bag. Interestingly, for those of you who are familiar with egg bag, the prop here is not a bag in the traditional Malini or Tarbell style, but it resembles a coin bag in construction and function. It's a good gimmicked bag that is easy to learn and use and is great for kids.

Playing With Food

Food Cards are simply playing cards that feature food so you can perform some standard card tricks. Perplexing Pickles offers foam pickles that continually appear in your hands and that you throw into a bag. But when the bag is opened at the end, the pickles have disappeared.

Sneaky Squeaker offers a simple squeaker and lessons on hiding it in your hand to make noise with just about any object.

By the Book (or DVD)

The DVD is first rate with good production values. The instruction book is colorful, informative and well written. The book also offers variations on the main tricks that you can perform using the props.

I have a big problem with the book in that it talks about famous magicians from history and the tricks that they performed, and then describes the secret. This isn't instruction, it's outright exposure, and a huge mistake on the part of the kit's magic advisors.

At ten dollars, it's hard to go wrong with this magic set. The tricks are easy to learn and perform and almost everything is appropriate for the target ages.

MSRP: (US) $10

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

This magic kit is available through limited retail and online outlets.

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