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Review: Money Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club

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Review: Money Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club
Scholastic's Ultimate Magic Club magic sets are designed for kids between the ages of seven and 12. At a reasonable price of ten dollars and with a good mix of tricks, as well as a detailed and colorful instruction book and a DVD that shows performances of all the tricks, this is a first rate magic set.

As the name implies, "Money Magic Kit" offers a series of tricks with money. It is one of ten �Ultimate Magic Club� titles marketed by Scholastic.

Show Me the Money

In Magic Nickels, you cover a stack of nickels with a cap and when the cap is removed, turn the nickels into a stack of dimes, or anything that fits under the cap. The kit also comes with some miniature nickels that you can use in place of the dimes. For a demo of this trick, you can click here.

With the Money Machine, you insert a piece of paper into a device that has a couple of rollers. The paper goes in and comes out as a one-dollar bill. For a demo of this trick, please click here. This one is rather complex for younger kids to understand and perform.

Wand From Nowhere

More of a stage trick than a close-up money trick like the others, Instant Wand provides a tiny device that quickly expands into an 18-inch magic wand in the blink of an eye. This one is definitely for older kids as the gimmicked wand quickly expands as it's tossed into the air. This trick feels out of place in the collection.

The instruction book is colorful, informative and well written. The book also offers variations on the main tricks that you can perform using the props. The DVD is first rate with good production values.

At ten dollars, it's hard to go wrong with this magic set. The tricks are easy to learn and perform and almost everything is appropriate for the target ages. While some of the other sets in this series feel a bit forced in their themes, money magic is a natural for close-up.

MSRP: (US) $10

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

This magic kit is available through limited retail and online outlets.

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