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Review of Spooky Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club

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Review of Spooky Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club
The Ultimate Magic Club magic sets are designed for kids between the ages of seven and 12. Indeed, at a reasonable price of ten dollars and with a good mix of tricks, as well as a detailed and colorful instruction book and a DVD that shows performances of all tricks, this is a first rate magic set. "Spooky Magic Kit" is one of ten titles marketed by Scholastic.

Passing Through

The kit comes with the "Spiked Coin," which makes it appear that you are sticking eight nails through a coin that's in a box. (For a demo of this trick and more information, please click here.)

The “Spiked Coin” is a great trick for young kids. The only downside is that the trick has lots of parts and losing any one will render the prop useless.

I'm not sure why the production drawer is classified as "spooky," but it's included here. This well known magic prop allows you to show a drawer empty and then filled with anything that fits into the box. (For a demo of this prop and more information, please click here.)

Where's the Monster?

The "Vanishing Ghoul" offers an intriguing visual puzzle. One arrangement of the three pieces depicts six monsters while a different layout yields five. It's quite a fooler.

The last trick is "Rattling Skulls." You can make three skulls (included) rattle at will. This is a version of a classic trick.

Good Basics

The instruction book is colorful, informative and well written. The book also offers variations on the main tricks that you can perform using the props. The DVD is first rate with good production values.

At ten dollars, it's hard to go wrong with this magic set. The tricks are easy to learn and perform and everything is appropriate for the target ages.

MSRP: (US) $10

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

This magic kit is available through limited retail and online outlets.

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