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Review: Slinky Science FunLabs Magic Science Kit

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Review: Slinky Science FunLabs Magic Science Kit
Marketed as a "science kit" about magic, this kit, which only costs about six dollars, is a standout kit in its price range. It also tells the truth and promises to teach only six tricks, which is the case, which is downright refreshing for a kid's magic set.

Tricks Are For Kids

The first trick is a "magic cube," a box that can be shown empty but allows kids to pull handkerchiefs, small toys and other objects from it. The prop is made of cardboard and kids will have to fold and tape it together. This is a great trick for kids.

The second trick is a wing nut and bolt that somehow unwinds itself as it resides in a matchbox (all props included). For this trick, kids will also need provide their own handkerchief and scissors. It's an adequate, if rather unusual trick to be featured in a kid’s magic set.

The kit comes with a small ring so with a pencil, kids can setup and perform the levitating ring - a well known trick. Another trick is an animation effect with the matchbox where a matchbox appears to take on a life of its own.

Dinosaur "Betcha"

A vanishing dinosaur is an offbeat trick where a plastic toy dinosaur vanishes from behind a screen. I'm not sure how much success a kid will have with this one, but the kit comes with everything they need, except for the screen (the kit recommends using a cereal box).

The final trick employs coins (not included) and is more of a "betcha" or bar bet style magic trick. It's a well known challenge style trick that is a bit out of place here.

Great Instructions

I like the detailed and well written instructions that not only teach the tricks, but offer tips on learning and performing magic, something rarely found in the instructions of most magic kits. There's even suggestions on patter and the kit attempts to explain the underlying science that may be a part of each trick.

The kit says that it's for ages eight and up, which is spot on. For six bucks, this is a great kit that features tricks that aren't in every other magic set.

The kit is available through various online toy stores.

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