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Review of Mysteries of the Master Magicians

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Review of Mysteries of the Master Magicians
With a nod to the historical giants of magic, this beginner's set from Fun, Inc. offers a solid introduction to our art. While the booklet mentions legendary magicians, it doesn't actually teach their tricks as the title may imply (I wouldn't expect it to).

Regardless, the kit offers a good set of beginner's tricks, many of which Royal (part of Fun, Inc.) sells separately. And the kit is a great deal at around 20 dollars.

Tricks of the Trade?

Magic set standards in the kit include: the ball and vase, spiked coin and prayer vase. The routine that’s taught for the set of cups and balls goes beyond that of a typical beginner’s routine and teaches some fundamental sleight of hand.

Other well known beginner's tricks include: a coin bank, where a coin vanishes from a box; coil and ring; a coin tray, where coins multiply as they’re poured from a tray into a spectator’s hand; a paddle that causes a picture of a bunny to disappear and reappear and the Viz escape.

Tricky Business

There's a gimmick for an illusion that allows water to mysteriously remain inside of a glass as it's turned upside down. There are mind reading cards that allow you to figure out a number that a spectator has thought of. There's a good prediction trick that features great magicians from history that is based on a classic method.

A variation on an old trick where a series of rings are released from a string has been cleverly converted into an effect with a Houdini padlock (made of cardboard).

The Kit

The main booklet also teaches simple tricks that use items found around the house along with variations on the use of some props. A second booklet explains an additional 50 easy tricks, which are standard beginner effects. Throughout, the documentation is well written and illustrated.

For 20 dollars, you'll receive a lot of props and magic for your money. This is a set that I recommend.

This kit is available through Fun, Inc. and various online magic dealers.

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