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All About Stripper Deck Magic Cards


A stripper deck is a trick deck of magic cards that is gimmicked so that any card that's lost in the deck can be immediately found by feel.

The gimmicking is fairly subtle so the decks may be examined by spectators. In fact, the cards can also be used as regular cards in standard card games. In order to discover the gimmicking in a stripper deck, you pretty much have to know what to look for.

Another advantage with stripper decks, in many cases, the cards may be cut and mixed by the spectator using an overhand shuffle and the magician can still find the card. Stripper decks are often found in beginning magic sets and sold under different names. Stripper decks are also commonly known or described as "tapered" decks.

Some tricks that may be performed by a stripper deck include:

Finding a spectator's card

Finding four of a kind

Losing four of a kind in a deck and later finding them

Shuffling the cards using a traditional dovetail shuffle and separating the cards so they are in the exact same order prior to the shuffle.

While stripper decks are only occasionally used by professional magicians, a DVD that I reviewed, "Strip" by Jon Thompson, teaches advanced techniques that may be applied to a stripper deck.