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How to Make Balloon Animals

Many magicians learn to make balloon animals and here's an entire section with primers and lessons and step-by-step instructions on balloon animals that you can learn to make. Also, in this section, we offer tips on how to make money with balloon animals.
  1. Balloon Animal Basics (10)
  2. Balloon Animals You Can Make (90)

How to Make a Swan Balloon Animal - Version 2
How to Make a Swan Balloon Animal - Version 2

How to Make a Santa Balloon Hat

Review of Essentials in Magic Svengali Deck
If you want to perform professional routines with a Svengali deck, this DVD, which features Daryl, will show you how.

Trick Review of "Odd Quad"
Daryl's Odd Quad offers an excellent commercial card trick for beginners. The effect itself is quite good and it's easy to learn and perform. And from a beginner's perspective, the packet trick requires basic sleight of hand that needs to be mastered.

Reviews of Beginning Magic Sets
Want to learn some magic or purchase some magic for someone who wants to learn how to perform tricks? Ask any magician and he or she will tell you that they had a magic set at one time. The magic set may have been the start of their entire magic career. Here are magic sets that I've reviewed.

The Best Kid's Magic Sets
Got a kid who wants to learn some easy magic? Most magicians began with a magic set as kids. Here are the best magic kits that I have reviewed, organized by price range.

How to Make Balloon Animal Birds
Here's a collection of step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to make balloon animal birds. Whether you want to make a turkey, swan, love birds or more, you'll learn how here.

Magic Books and DVDs for Beginners
If you're just starting out in magic, here are books and DVDs that I have reviewed.

Tricks You'll Find in Magic Sets - Beginning Magic Tricks
Here are descriptions of tricks that you'll commonly find in beginning magic sets. If you want to find out what these tricks are supposed to do, you've come to the right place.

Review: Magic Tricks R4 Kids
Specifically for kids who want to learn magic, Will Roya's first rate "Magic Tricks R4 Kids" offers four titles that teach simple tricks. The instruction is excellent and the tricks are appropriate for kids. The series also features high production values. I recently took a look at volumes one and two.

Gift Guide for Magicians
If you're shopping for a magician, here are some suggestions for great gifts that would be well appreciated. And if you are a magician, these are worthy items for your wish list.

Review: Royal Card Kit
Here's a fine beginner's magic set that is devoted to playing cards. With its gimmicked cards, I think it provides a fast track for novices, but the documentation could feature more illustrations and be easier to follow and understand.

Review of Mysteries of the Master Magicians
With a nod to the historical giants of magic, this beginner's set offers a solid introduction to our art. The kit offers a good set of beginner’s tricks, many of which Royal (part of Fun, Inc.) sells separately. And the kit is a great deal at around 20 dollars.

Houdini's School of Magic, Vol. 1
This book offers thorough history on Harry Houdini and the art of magic and teaches a good selection of close-up tricks, the majority with playing cards. An accompanying DVD demonstrates and teaches some of the tricks.

Review: Blank Deck
Here's a beginner's magic kit that you might find at your local drugstore. It's actually a single deck of cards that promises "20 tricks" and a "blank deck" that changes into a "printed deck." I found this one at my local dollar store. Is the deck even worth a buck? Frankly, it’s not.

Magic Props
Here's a way to show the world your handiwork. This is a section where you can upload pictures and explanations of the magic props that you have made or modified.

Review: Slinky Science FunLabs Magic Science Kit
Marketed as a "science kit" about magic, this kit, which only costs about six dollars, is a standout kit in its price range. It also tells the truth and promises to teach only six tricks, which is the case, which is downright refreshing for a kid's magic set.

Review: The Easy Card Tricks Set
This beginner's magic kit is dedicated to card tricks and promises "with a little practice and the right attitude, anyone can learn enough card tricks to impress a small crowd." The kit consists of two decks of decent quality playing cards, a notepad and pencil and a good soft cover book, "Easy Card Tricks" by Peter Arnold.

Dangerous Book for Boys - Magic Kit
Take a popular series and create a related magic set and it's bound to sell. This all stems from the book, "The Dangerous Book for Boys," written by Conn and Hal Iggulden, which teaches boys how to do traditional boy-style things such as tie knots, build treehouses and more. There's nothing like a big franchise for a magic set to tap into. But riding on the series coattails, this one is only so so.

Review: Great Box of Magic
Great Box of Magic is a colorful magic kit for beginners that comes in a compact and well made cardboard box. The kit also features a first rate book that teaches the tricks, but for a kit in its price range, this one is rather sparse on props.

Review - Magic: The Complete Course by Joshua Jay
The "Complete" in the title implies that everything that a beginner needs to learn and master magic can be found within its pages. Indeed, Joshua Jay has written a fine book for beginners, but it's not as thorough as "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic," the gold standard. Despite this, Jay's book, which is geared towards adults, offers a good selection of great tricks, 100 in all; thorough explanations, color pictures and a first rate DVD.

Book Review: Gotcha! by David Acer
Written for kids, Gotcha! is mostly about magic. But the book delves into various paranormal and other-worldly themes. Most notably, it teaches 18 "freak-outs," many of which are magic tricks. Written by magician David Acer, this is an entertaining book.

Review: At the Table by Tomas Medina
Here are twelve tricks that require no formal props or preparation - literally "anytime magic." And as the title implies, the tricks rely on objects found around the dinner table. Many are well known staples that are often found in beginning magic books, but Tomas Media adds a strong twist to some.

Review: Food Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club
As the name implies,"Food Magic Kit" offers a series of tricks with food. The tricks are good and I’m pleased to see that the effects use fake and not real food. This is one of ten "Ultimate Magic Club" titles marketed by Scholastic.

Review: Animal Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic
As the name implies, "Money Magic Kit" offers a series of tricks with an animal theme. Compared to the other sets in this series that I have reviewed, I think this is among the least. It is one of ten "Ultimate Magic Club " titles marketed by Scholastic.

Ultimate Magic Club Magic Sets
Scholastic's Ultimate Magic Club magic sets are designed for kids between the ages of seven and 12. At a reasonable price of ten dollars and with a good mix of tricks, as well as a detailed and colorful instruction book and a DVD that shows performances of all the tricks, they are sfirst rate magic sets.

Party Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club
As the name implies, "Party Magic Kit" offers a series of tricks that kids can perform at parties. It is one of ten "Ultimate Magic Club" titles marketed by Scholastic.

Review: Invisible by Jay Sankey
Jay Sankey takes on the well known "Invisible Deck." If you are interested in learning more about this trick and mastering some subtleties and want to benefit from Sankey's advice on making the effect more convincing, "Invisible" offers a thorough treatment of the topic.

Review: What Your Future Holds by Rich Marotta
Here's an easy trick with a kicker at its end. In the process of foretelling a spectator's future, you setup a hilarious gag.

Review: Money Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club
Scholastic's Ultimate Magic Club magic sets are designed for kids between the ages of seven and 12. At a reasonable price of ten dollars and with a good mix of tricks, as well as a detailed and colorful instruction book and a DVD that shows performances of all the tricks, this is a first rate magic set. As the name implies, "Money Magic Kit" offers a series of tricks with money.

Review: Second Chance by Wayne Dobson
This booklet teaches you a card trick with a strong ending - you reveal the spectator's card after it appears that youÂ’ve lost it - and the effect is very easy to do.

Review of Spooky Magic Kit by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club
The Ultimate Magic Club magic sets are designed for kids between the ages of seven and 12. Indeed, at a reasonable price of ten dollars and with a good mix of tricks, as well as a detailed and colorful instruction book and a DVD that shows performances of all tricks, this is a first rate magic set. "Spooky Magic Kit" is one of ten titles marketed by Scholastic.

All About Stripper Deck Magic Cards
A stripper deck is a trick deck of magic cards that is gimmicked so that any card that's lost in the deck can be immediately found. The gimmicking is fairly subtle so the decks may be examined by spectators.

The Drawer - Demo of Easy Magic Tricks
This prop is a production device that lets you easily produce anything that fits inside of it.

Demo of Vanishing Papers
This magic prop allows you to make small items such as coins or bills vanish or appear. This one is easy to learn and perform.

Easy Magic Tricks: The Money Machine
Here's a great, visual and easy magic trick. And it's about money.

Magic Demo: Nickel to Dimes
This is an easy magic trick to learn and perform. You somehow change a stack of nickels into a stack of dimes.

Magic Demo of the Spiked Coin
This is a well known trick that is often found in magic sets and kids often buy and perform. In the trick, you place a coin or solid plastic disk into a cylindrical box and place a cap on it, and then seemingly push a series of nails through the box and coin.

Easy to Master Magic Tricks by Las Vegas Greatest Magicians
This DVD features a line-up of great magicians teaching 13 easy magic tricks. The tricks are mostly generic, and if you follow this stuff, as you may here on this site, you'll already know most of them.

Review of NEVERmind by Jon Maronge
Here's an easy packet card effect where four cards turn into four aces. ThereÂ’s no sleight of hand or tricky moves as the effect happens courtesy of gimmicked cards. Also, this one can play strong and work to different themes.

Review of Baffle Bat by Terry LaGerould
I've never been a fan of paddle tricks that are a staple of beginning magic sets. Most employ odd-looking, unworldly props and the routines are typically contrived with end effects that are rarely awe-inspiring. While I still feel this way after reviewing Baffle Bat, I'm strangely intrigued by this prop. And at $20, I find it reasonably priced.

Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
Numerous magicians began their education in magic with Mark Wilson's excellent book that covers close-up, stage magic and even large illusions. This one is definitely worth the look and is widely available.

Book Review: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Magic Tricks
Tom Ogden’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Magic Tricks offers an excellent introduction to magic and a solid foundation to those who want to seriously learn and pursue magic. Like the competing book, Magic for Dummies, Idiot’s Guide is loaded with good beginning tricks, comes with clear instructions and illustrations and is written in a light and entertaining style. But when it comes to magic, Idiots clearly rule over Dummies.

Book Review: Magic for Dummies
For beginners, “Magic for Dummies” provides an excellent set of easy tricks that require no complicated sleight of hand and use common objects that are found in homes and offices, and it offers lots of good suggestions on presentation. It’s a good way for novices, not necessarily dummies, to learn some basic magic.

DVD Review: Card Trick Magic by Stephane Vanel
If you’re a beginner and want to learn some good card magic, Stephane Vanel’s “Card Trick Magic” offers first rate effects that don’t require complicated sleight-of-hand and are easy to learn and perform. The DVD features 12 card tricks and offers an introduction to basic card sleights. The routines here are excellent for beginners.

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Book Review
Bill Tarr's well-illustrated books offer step-by-step instructions to learn and perform sleight-of-hand with coins, cards, balls, and other objects. This classic comes in two volumes and both are worth buying and studying. While the books feature some routines, they're mostly dedicated to moves. This book provided me my early magic foundation.

The Amateur Magicians Handbook
Not for kids, Henry Hay’s magic classic offers an astounding amount of information, but it's a harder read. It's an excellent book to add to your magic library. When I want to kick back and relax, this is one of the books that I like to pull off the shelf, open up and see where it takes me.

Trick Review: The Tim Card Poker Deal
Tim Ellis delivers a winner with his Tim Card Poker Deal, a poker-style effect where the magician plays three hands of poker against a spectator and always loses the first two hands and wins the last. The spectator seemingly makes the choices. It’s an easy effect that is great for beginners, offers lots of opportunity to interact with spectators and is strong enough to work in a walk-around set.

DVD Review: "Stack Attack" - Lew Brooks
As the name implies, "Stack Attack" offers a collection of impressive card tricks that are based on stacking the deck--putting the cards into a specific, prearranged order. All of the tricks, which end with the magician dealing a winning hand, require no complicated sleight of hand. As a result, the easy tricks on this DVD are perfect for beginners.

Review: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Street Magic by Tom Ogden
Tom Ogden has created a great book that teaches how to learn and perform magic with an emphasis on close-up and impromptu magic.

Trick Review: Tony Clark’s Clever Card Rise
Tony Clark’s version of the rising card effect is inexpensive and easy-to-use. It’s a first rate way to perform a stunning classic, and it's a great trick for beginners.

DVD Review: Incredible Self-Working Card Tricks Vol 5
Now with a fifth volume, Michael Maxwell offers another set of "self-working card tricks" that require no sleight-of-hand or skill with cards. This DVD is good for beginners and comes with some decent effects and a couple of no-sleight variations on card classics.

Trick Review: Daryl's Ultra-Monte
If you’ve always wanted to perform Three-Card Monte but found the sleight-of-hand daunting, Daryl’s excellent Ultra-Monte offers a relatively easy, gimmicked-based version. And in addition to being a great trick, Daryl provides excellent instruction with both a DVD and written text.

How to Make Balloon Animals
On this page, you'll find instructions to make balloon animals. In fact, it's our entire collection of instructions to make balloon animals.

How to Make Balloon Swords
Want to learn how to make a balloon sword? Here are a collection of balloon swords that you can make. And we teach all of the techniques that you'll need to know.

Review: Jokers Wild by Rodger Lovins
In what amounts to a mechanical card or color change, in Rodger Lovins' latest, "Jokers Wild," a joker visually and seamlessly turns into the spectators selected card. This one is easy to learn and perform and the simple mechanism is reliable and repeatable.

Five Balloon Animals You Need to Know for Parties
If you want to entertain with balloon animals at a party, here are balloon animals that you need to know how to make. Learn how to make these quickly and effortlessly, and you'll have the basics to entertain at a party or event.

Why Learn Basic Balloon Animal Twisting?
Almost everyone who performs magic professionally learns how to make animal balloons. Why is this the case and why are balloon animals considered an art that complements magic? Some of the reasons are due to market forces while others can help you to become a better performer. I'll explain.

How to Make a Dog Balloon Animal
The dog balloon is a fundamental sculpture in the art of balloon twisting and balloon animals. Many animals balloons such as the deer and giraffe are variations on the dog balloon. And you'll find that the basics that you master when twisting a dog balloon, will apply to more difficult balloon sculptures.

How to Make Flower Balloon Animals
Want to make a flower out of a balloons? You can learn several variations here. The flower balloon animal is a cute, crowd-pleasing balloon animal/sculpture.

Balloon Animals Based on the Dog
Once you know how to make a dog balloon animal, you have a multitude of balloon animals that you can now make that are based on it. With some adjustments to your twists, you'll soon be making a veritable balloon animal zoo. Remember that all balloon animal making starts with the basic dog.

Course in Balloon Animals for Beginners
Here's a complete course in how to make balloon animals for beginners. From why you should learn to make balloon animals, to the types of balloons to use, to the pumps, various techniques to make balloon animals, and finally, step by step instructions for the balloon animals themselves.

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