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The Tiger Woods Magic Trick


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The Tiger Woods Magic Trick - Intro
The Tiger Woods Magic Trick
Here’s a simple trick that’s based on a theme that’s all over the media. It’s a poem - a tale of woe and a fall from grace - that accompanies a basic ball trick that I developed for a sports bar where I’ve been working.

Here’s my poem with the magic actions in parenthesis:

There once was a master of golf,
who kept his lone mistress far off,
At his insistence,
The press kept its distance,
The public was not there to scoff

(One napkin ball is placed into your right hand and another is placed into a spectator’s hand. The one in your hand vanishes and is found in the spectator’s hand with the second ball.)

One night when our golfer was drivin’
From his irate wife he was hidin’
The car did he crash,
And his image did dash,
And the number of mistresses widened

(The two napkin balls are placed back into the spectators hand. When the spectator opens his or her hand, the number of napkin balls multiplies.)

The public were shocked when they knew it,
The sponsors found out they had blew it,
PGA in a tizzy,
The networks went dizzy,
All because Tiger Woods said “JUST DO IT!

The easy magic trick involves some napkin balls and one basic sleight of hand move.

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