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Easy Magic Trick: Coin Dish


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Easy Magic Trick for Kids, Coin Dish - Introduction
Easy Magic Trick: Coin Dish

Here's a way to magically multiply money. And unlike those ads for questionable investment schemes and working from home scams, this one appears to work. At least, that is, to your spectators.

In the trick, you have a spectator carefully count several coins into a dish, which you pour back into his hand. When he opens his hand later, he'll find more coins then he originally counted.

The number of coins that you introduce will depend on how you construct your prop, which I'll teach you here.

By the way, a commercial version of this trick is often found in beginning magic sets.

Materials needed to build a coin dish:
a dish
cardboard (thick)

The dish secretly introduces a number of coins as you pour coins into a spectator’s hand.

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