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World's Best Easy Card Trick


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World's Greatest Easy Card Magic Trick - Introduction
World's Best Easy Card Trick

I've looked at a lot of easy card tricks and this one is one of the best. I've never seen it published anywhere, but I learned it when I was about nine. I’ve showed and taught this one to lots of beginners and it never fails to impress.

This is a basic "find a card" trick or effect. However, there's no preparation and you can use any deck of cards.

A spectator selects a card and you find it. At its simplest, the spectator's card can be discovered on the top of the deck. Or you can use any "reveal" that you wish from simply showing the spectator's selected card on the top of the deck to the "Rising Card."

Watch a video of the trick here (It's combined with the "Rising Card" trick and a false cut.)

A deck of cards


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