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Easy Magic: The Nine- or 21-Card Trick


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Card Magic Tricks for Kids - Introduction
Easy Magic: The Nine- or 21-Card Trick
Effect: By simply dealing cards, you can figure out a spectator's chosen card.

Hand the spectator a packet of nine different playing cards. Ask the spectator to mix the cards and look at them and then choose one in his or her mind. Ask the spectator to mix up the cards some more.

Deal the cards into three face up piles - always left to right. The figure displays the correct order.

Ask the spectator which pile his or her card is in. As you stack the cards to deal them again, stack the 3-card pile that contains the spectator's card between the other two piles. As an example, if the spectator's card is in the left pile, place the left pile between the other two, with the center pile at the bottom, and the right pile on the top (or vice versa).

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