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Easy Magic Tricks: The Necklace


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Easy Magic Tricks for Kids, Necklace - Intro
Easy Magic Tricks: The Necklace

In this easy magic trick, a necklace is shown with three beads strung on two strings.

You take an end from each side and begin to tie a knot. You place the beads into someone hand and then pull on the strings (you can also place the beads in your own hand and have spectators pull the ends),and the beads release themselves from the strings.

Everything can be examined by spectators.

Three beads
Two strings

The beads must be able to accept four thicknesses of string and you don’t want the fit to be too tight, otherwise, the trick will be difficult to perform. Also, you don’t want the fit to be too loose because then you won’t be able to create and display a “necklace.” The steps for performing this trick will make this clear.

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