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Easy Magic Tricks: Dark Magic


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Easy Magic Trick, Dark Magic - Performing the Trick

You can gather objects on a table or just use the objects that are in a room.

Ask a spectator to select an object and tell everyone else when you’re out of the room.

When you return, ask a “helper” to point to various objects in the room. If you’ve agreed on the color black, the person will eventually touch an item that is black. And the next item that’s touched will be the selected object.

In the example above, the assistant will touch the stapler at some point, which is black. The next object, say the pen, will be the selected object. By the way, it’s best to have at least two objects of the chosen color to ensure that you have the objects themselves covered.

This one is baffling to spectators. If you know the person who is doing the pointing, he or she will be suspected. And if you arrived at the party with this individual, spectators will be hot on your trail and suspect some kind of secret code or signal, and they’re right.

If you can, it’s best to use someone that you don’t know as the “assistant.” If your assistant was a stranger prior to the gathering, it will throw some spectators off.

The secret to this trick is hard to detect and can be repeated. Just be ready for a lot of scrutiny from spectators. But chances are, you will be successful.

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