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Easy Magic Tricks: The Clipped Card


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Easy Card Magic Tricks, Clipped Card - Introduction
Easy Magic Tricks: The Clipped Card

In this easy card magic trick, you show a spectator five cards and ask them to remember the position of the middle card (queen). You turn around the five cards and ask the spectator to clip the middle card (queen) using a paper clip. Most spectators will clip the middle card. But when you turn the cards around, you show that their paper clip is nowhere near the queen. There’s no real secret. It’s based on the fact that a group of cards displays in different ways when shown in the front versus the back.

Materials: Five old playing cards, glue and a paper clip. It helps to select five cards with one that contrasts against the others. Here, we’ve chosen a red queen to reside in the center among four black number cards.

Preparation: Glue the cards to each other as in the picture. Make sure that the contrasting card is in the middle.

Display the group of cards to your spectator and ask him to remember the location of the queen.

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