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Easy Magic Tricks: Coin Through Table


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Easy Magic Tricks: Coin Through Table
Easy Magic Tricks: Coin Through Table

In this easy magic trick, you cause a coin to somehow pass through the top of a table. To perform this trick, you’ll need to be able to execute a vanish called the "French Drop," which we teach in another lesson (click here to learn the move).

A good follow-up to this trick is the coin vanish. This way, you can cause the coin to pass through the table and then vanish it completely.

A Coin
A Table.

This one is probably best if you are seated at a table, although you can be standing.

For purposes of this lesson, we'll assume that you will be pushing the coin through the table top with your right hand to your left hand. If you want to use your left hand instead, simply reverse the instructions.

Hold the coin in your left hand between the fingers and thumb as shown in the picture.

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