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Close-Up Magic


Definition: Magic that is performed for small groups of people who are standing or sitting nearby. Close-up magic typically uses common household objects such as cards, coins, handkerchiefs and more.

A magician who performs close-up magic is a close-up magician.

Strolling or walk around magic is a variation of "close-up" magic. In this case, the magician roams an area during an event and performs for groups (subsets) of spectators in a crowd.

Still another variation is restaurant magic, also known as table-hopping, which is "close-up" magic that's performed in restaurants or events where spectators are seated in preparation for or after a meal. Here, the magician walks around a restaurant and performs close-up magic on the tables for patrons.

Examples: While in the office, Ted performed close-up magic with playing cards for a few people in his cubicle.

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