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Definition: Metamorphosis is a famous illusion where a magician and assistant seemingly switch places in an impossibly short time. In many versions, one member is shackled or bound and locked into a box. The other member covers the box with a curtain, and in seemingly no time, the two people have switched places. The first member who was originally locked into the box is now standing outside it, and the second person is found within the box after it is unlocked and opened.

Metamorphosis was invented by John Nevil Maskelyne and popularized by Harry Houdini. Almost all major illusion acts have performed a version of the effect, including David Copperfield, Doug Henning, Mark Wilson and more. Best known for performing Metamorphosis in the shortest time are the Pendragons.

The Metamorphosis illusion is also known as the “sub trunk” (as in “substitute” trunk).

Also Known As: sub trunk
The magician performed the metamorphosis illusion.

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