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Magic by Devin Knight


Here are magic effects by Devin Knight.

1. Far Sight

I typically dislike tricks that ask me as a performer to move away from the cards or objects that are being used. But "Far Sight" is a card-based mentalism effect that I like that does exactly that.

2. Excalibur Deck

When you have to force a card under the most scrutinized conditions, consider using Devin Knight's Excalibur Deck when a slip, hindu, cross-cut or even classic may feel too obvious.

3. Double Coincidence

I've never been a big fan of book tests, but "Double Coincidence" is one that I like and have performed. This routine has it all: 1) a random page in an ungimmicked book that is selected by a spectator and the mentalist can describe what's written on the page; 2) a word in a sentence is freely picked by the spectator and 3) a dictionary that's been sitting in plain view has the selected word already circled within its pages.

4. Blindsight

Blindsight is a mentalism effect that baffles spectators and relies on a strong combination of classic mentalism techniques. In lesser hands, the routine could rely on common mentalism methods. But Devin Knight’s brings together elements that shroud and support each other. And for good measure, he adds a kicker at the routine’s end.

5. Hat's Incredible

Quite frankly, this one is a miss. It's an effect for kids that is less than satisfactory magic.
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