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Review of Growing Ring by Dan Hauss and Paper Crane

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Review of Growing Ring by Dan Hauss and Paper Crane

Growing Ring by Dan Hauss and Paper Crane

Murphy's Magic
The creators of “Growing Ring” call it “unique” and I agree. It’s different and something that I haven’t seen before. As the name implies, it’s an effect with a finger ring that grows to three times its original size as spectators watch. The ring starts as a regular finger ring that may be examined and it ends as an outrageous, over-sized ring that may also be examined (they are ungimmicked). The transformation is visual and convincing.


You bring out a ring, allow it to be examined, slip it on your finger and it grows in size. You slip the oversized ring off of your finger and then hand it to the spectator for examination. This is one of those tricks that is so unusual, one has to come up with a logical presentation. I’ll discuss this aspect later after reviewing the mechanics and such.

The kit comes with all of the necessary gimmicks and materials as well as with an instructional DVD. The ads state that “there is nothing to build or buy and you can carry this gimmick with you so you can perform this effect anywhere.” It’s true that you don’t have to buy anything, but you do have to construct a gimmick from the provided materials. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. All of the materials are included. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors and some double-stick tape.

Ringing In

As you’ve probably already figured out, you can’t borrow a ring and perform the effect. Nor can you do this with a ring that you already own (unless it, through a miracle, matches the gimmick). You can only do this with the ring in the kit. (If you’re so inclined, you could, once you understand the secret and gimmick, construct your own version. But it’s a lot of work.) The ring that comes with the kit is attractive and looks like a normal ring that a man may wear.

There are really no sizing issues as you’ll be making the ring grow in size. The “basic routine” is quite easy as you’re not ringing in the “real” rings that may be examined. Of course, the “basic routine” forms the foundation of the change. The rest of the work and the more involved routine involves the ringing in of the gimmick for the first ring, and switching the gimmick for the oversized ring at the end - which requires sleight of hand. The switching of the rings for the gimmick, however, is not difficult.

There’s a display of the gimmick that has some angle issues. For this reason, you’ll want your audience mainly in front of you. In fact, the creator states that this routine is mostly for groups of about three people or less who are standing in front of you.


The DVD is thorough and offers different handling methods. And the moves are motivated and logical. In fact, the effect has been completely thought through to offer options. The first routine involves a napkin and the second one is completely sleight of hand. Beginners will prefer the napkin switch as it’s motivated and leaves you clean. With the more advanced version, you will be left dirty although with the right presentation the focus should be on the oversized ring that you are offering to spectators to examine.

So why would a magician take a ring and make it grow in size? And “just because he or she can” is simply not a good enough reason. In the presentation on the promo video, creator Dan Hauss talks about “warming up” the metal, which somehow causes it to become flexible and enlarge. I think that this is less than stellar angle but there are lots of possibilities and angles for this effect, particularly with all of the symbolism of a finger ring.

”Growing Ring” offers a visual illusion that’s not difficult to learn and perform. And it’s got definite possibilities for themes. It’s good.

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